Gramma’s Peanut Butter Fingers

Many of my posts, so far primarily document recipes and traditions from my dad’s side of the family.  I feel like I’m kind of neglecting my mom’s side of the family, and that isn’t intentional.  Born and raised in Las Vegas, my time with my mom’s family has always been limited to vacations, whether it was our own family vacations to Rochester, NY, or my family’s vacations to visit us in Las Vegas.  Both of my parents grew up in Rochester, but shortly after they got married, they moved to Las Vegas.  It wasn’t too long afterwards that my dad’s family started to follow.

My love for my grandma’s peanut butter fingers began when I was a little girl.  I remember my mom always requesting that Gramma make a batch for us every time we saw her.  Now those requests are coming from me every time I see Gramma.  Last time we were in Rochester, I remember Gramma bringing a whole batch of peanut butter fingers, and I barely had to share with anyone.  It was such a treat.  My family’s comments to me were, “we get them all the time, so enjoy them!”  That I did.

These treats are a perfect way to satisfy a sweet tooth.  They are sweet enough, but not overbearingly sweet.  And since they’re prepared in a pan, you can slice up as little or as much as you’d like.  The bottom is a delicious peanut butter and oatmeal cookie, which is then topped with chocolate, which is then topped with a peanut butter frosting.  I’m telling you, this combination is amazing.

Gramma’s Peanut Butter Fingers

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Cream together:

½ cup butter

½ cup sugar

½ cup packed brown sugar

Blend in:

1 unbeaten egg

1/3 cup creamy peanut butter

½ tsp baking soda

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¼ tsp salt

½ tsp vanilla

1 cup flour

1 cup quick cooking rolled oats

Spread mixture into a greased 13×9 pan.  Bake at 350 degrees for 20-25 minutes.  DO NOT OVERBAKE!  Once removed from the oven, immediately sprinkle with 1 cup of chocolate chips.  Let stand for five minutes, then spread with a knife.

In a small bowl, combine:

½ cup powdered sugar

½ cup creamy peanut butter

Add milk until creamy enough to spread – about 3 tablespoons

Spread the peanut butter mixture over chocolate.  Cut bars into “fingers” and serve.

Just thinking about this sweet snack, makes me happy.  Let’s celebrate by smiling at a stranger today!


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