Fried Dough

All you have to do is mention fried dough around any of my family on my dad’s side, and you’ll get the same response.  “Mmmmm!”  This was probably my absolute favorite treat that Nana made.  Come to think of it, it’s probably why I’m such a donut-lover today!

So what is fried dough?  Well essentially it’s a homemade doughnut.  I’m not sure why we didn’t call it that, but I guess “fried dough” is pretty descriptive.  That’s exactly what it is.  Dough that is fried.  Surprise, surprise!

One day, my cousin and I were at Nana’s and I remember begging, and I mean really BEGGING for her to make us fried dough.  I think she probably finally got sick of listening to us, and finally gave in.  She pulled the frozen prepared dough out of the freezer and set it out on the counter for it to begin defrosting and rising, which when you’re a kid, takes FOREVER.  It was like waiting to open presents on Christmas Eve.

This is a very simple recipe.  The ingredients are: frozen bread dough or rolls, oil for frying, sugar and cinnamon.  If you choose to use the frozen rolls, I think it would make it simpler by eliminating a step.  When you take the dough out to defrost, put it on a pan and cover with a damp towel.  If you would like to expedite the thawing and rising process, put the frozen, covered dough in a warm oven.  Once the dough has risen, break into 2-3 inch round pieces, if necessary.

In a frying pan, heat up about an inch of oil (canola, vegetable, or whatever you prefer for frying), and carefully place the dough in the pan.  Once the dough is golden brown, flip it in the oil using tongs.

While the dough is cooking, get a large bowl and put about a cup of sugar in it.  If you like cinnamon, add some cinnamon as well.  If you prefer to have it without, leave the cinnamon out.

Once the dough is golden on both sides, remove from the oil, and place immediately in the bowl of sugar.  Toss until thoroughly coated.  Remove and let cool on a paper towel coated pan to drain off any excess oil.  Enjoy once cool enough to eat!  And just because thinking of fried dough makes me happy, smile at a stranger today!

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