Fried Pasta?

 What do you do with your leftover pasta? You fry it, of course! Sounds a little weird? Yes, I agree, but you HAVE to try it. It’s SO good. Okay, this isn’t like you’re probably thinking. We aren’t going to deep fry pasta.

This is just a delicious way to reheat your leftover pasta – penne, orecchiette, rigatoni, farfalle, spaghetti, or whatever is your favorite and you have on hand. Once you’ve eaten pasta this way, you’ll likely be cooking more than you know you can eat the first time, just so you can have leftovers. Yes, it’s that good. Trust me.

IMG_1357As a little girl, I used to spend one day a week with my Nana. I remember sprawling out on the floor on an old plastic tablecloth and playing with Play-Doh, which was a real treat because I never played with Play-Doh at home. When it was about lunchtime, if we were lucky enough that Papa and Nana had pasta the night before and there was leftover pasta in the fridge, Nana would heat some up for my cousins and me. It was yummy, warm, comforting, and filling. The pasta would get a slight crunch but still have plenty of sauce and not be dried out.

So how do you fry up this concoction? Spray or swirl some olive oil a frying pan. Be sure your leftover pasta is tossed with sauce. Heat the pan then dump in the pasta. If you have some leftover meatballs, you can slice them up add some more sauce, and stir it all together. Once its heated through and slightly crispy, serve it up on a plate, add Parmesan cheese, and enjoy!  Next time you have leftover pasta in your fridge, please don’t let it go to waste, try this recipe!

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